Audible Forms: Episode 2 – Distortion (Guest: Kagami Smile)

Episode 2 – Distortion (Guest: Kagami Smile) Audible Forms, a podcast made in partnership with LIVEWIRE INT. In this podcast, I discuss with my peers, producers, label owners and my inspirations in the dreampunk scene about specific building blocks to music, each episode with a one word theme. We talk about particular tracks, albums and […]

Week 3 with the Polyend Tracker – Chill Out Room Breakbeat

With the Polyend Tracker, I’m attempting to write one track a week, with each track trying new techniques and ideas, with each one trying to push my knowledge of the device and learn something new about it. This week, smoother 125 bpm breakbeats were the vibe, compared to the previous weeks of jungle. Still just […]