Episode 2 – Distortion (Guest: Kagami Smile)

Audible Forms, a podcast made in partnership with LIVEWIRE INT. In this podcast, I discuss with my peers, producers, label owners and my inspirations in the dreampunk scene about specific building blocks to music, each episode with a one word theme. We talk about particular tracks, albums and concepts that encompass that theme.

This episode we have Illinois based musician and label owner Kagami Smile, and we talk about ‘Distortion’. Our conversation covers a range of topics, including: shoegaze, how distortion creates a trance state and how Kagami Smile places his music within the Dreampunk scene.

You can listen to this episode of this bi-weekly podcast on Spotify and Anchor if you don’t have Spotify. The podcast will be made available on other services in the coming weeks.

For listening offline, you can download the episode, free of charge, here.

If you have any ideas for one word themes, or artists/label owners etc to have on the podcast, let me know on my Twitter and maybe we can make it happen. Thank you everyone for listening! I hope you enjoy!

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