Plans for the future.

It’s been a long time since I’ve used this website for anything constructive. Life has been a roller coaster over the past 12 months or so, with graduating from university, music making, changes in jobs/relationships etc. I feel like now is a time to get back on track with being productive with both my music production, sound design, my Max For Live devices and anything projects to work on. So what are my plans….?

Regarding music production, I have a number of projects on the go. Probably the most exciting one is my new Remember album. I made the bulk of it in a two week crazy period of creativity at the end of October/early November last year after a pretty dramatic life change. The details will become more obvious once the album begins to roll out but in regards to sound it’s massively different from anything I’ve ever made before. It’s a hybrid album of cinematic ambiance, doom-metal inspired guitar work and huge, pounding drum sounds. The doom metal influence is probably the most dramatic change to the Remember sound, since the vast majority of guitar work on Remember albums in the past have been purely clean and ambient. This has changes majorly. Expect massive Big Muff tones. Doom metal has been a large part of my everyday listening over the past 2 years or so, and I wanted to reflect that in my new Remember productions. Also, I feel a fresh sound for Remember was needed. I can’t wait to share the album with people, I think it’s a real special one.

My other new album I would like to get out this year is a new ‘Jude Frankum’ album called ‘Silence In_0’. This album actually stems it’s production roots all the way back in late 2017, which is when I first started experimented with randomly-generated music. The concept of the album is to marry the idea of computer written music and human written music, and how the lines between these two can be blurred. Not only were the chords/melodies generated randomly, but even synth patches and modulation were generated as such also. The idea of randomly generated musical ideas has carried over into my recent work in Max For Live, but I’ll get to that later. The album also has it’s roots in my liking for IDM and Drum and Bass, so as you can expect it’s a fast, chaotic experience. The album production wise is basically done, all that is needed is mixing.

I hope you enjoy these two new albums when they are finally released. I think they are some of my best work in recent times. I also have a few other singles/EPs planned. These are mainly just stylistic experiments, similar to my two track EP series I did during 2018, and are in various stages of production. These will probably drop when they are ready.

I was rather slow on the Max For Live device making over the past little while. However, I’m now slowly getting into the swing of things with it all and have begun to venture into a new area, that being a MIDI device.

There are plenty of random note/melody/clip generators out there in the world of Max For Live, and all over them are amazing. I wanted to create one that wasn’t better than any others out there, but I want to create something for a particular sort of artist, in particular, the ambient artist. Of course I don’t want to exclude anyone from using the device, but I wanted to focus on a device that creates slowly evolving chords or melodies that would suit pad synth patches. I have quite ambitious plans for this device, with full interrogation into a synth that I’m currently building also, making an all in one ambient device. I’m still learning so patience will probably be needed with this new device. The device so far creates randomly generated notes set to a scale determined by the user. However, the notes are currently fixed in length, with the next plan of action being randomisation in note length. You will probably see updates on this most over anything on this site, and I also plan to allow people to test early versions of the device if they are interested. If you are, message me on Twitter or leave an email here on my contact page, and I’ll be in touch.

I know this was a super wordy blog post. If you got this far, well done! My posts in the future will be more interesting no doubt (if you are into random Max For Live noodlings and music production tid bits). I want to try and do a blog post at least once a week, that’s the goal anyway. Thank you for reading. Until next time!


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