Work Placement With Syncbox Post – Day 2

Wednesday 10th January – Day 2

This day was dedicated to doing ADR with the actors of the show, recording lines of dialogue that needed to be re-recorded due to lack of pronunciation on the day of shooting or a technical issue.

I came into the studio early with Rich to help set up the microphones needed for recording. 3 microphones were used in recording the actors dialogue. A ??????? condenser was used as the main microphone, used for it’s crisp sound and it’s wide range of frequencies it can capture. An AKG ???????? shotgun microphone was used also. It was placed about 20 inches from where the actors would be stood to record the dialogue. This was used to capture a more distant sound to the condenser, and could be used for more distant scenes of dialogue. To capture this idea of distant dialogue to the extreme, a ????????????, another condenser microphone was used 7 feet behind the actors in the live room, capturing the sound of the room. Although this microphone was never used at all in the final choices of ADR recordings, it was interesting to see how this microphone set up sounded, and to see the definite potential use in another project.

For the next couple of hours, the actors took it in turns recording their lines of dialogue. For certain scenes, multiple actors went into the live room at once. Inside the live room was a TV which allowed the actors to watch the scenes and the countdown for them to act out their lines. Multiple takes for each line were made, making sure the perfect take could be used.

Once the actors had finished their lines, all the dialogue pieces were roughly placed into the episode, completely unmixed and treated, for them to be edited and processed at a later date. The rest of the day involved the director and the producer watching over a number of the roughly edited episodes, making notes on mistakes in the audio, and creative changes they would like to make. These changes commonly involved changes to the fade in and outs to the background atmospheres, the levels in the dialogue that was recorded on location, the level of music, among other small things. During this sessions, many of the changes that were wanting to be made were made, but they would be reviewed again just before the episodes are signed off by the BBC.

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