About Me


Jude Frankum is an electronic, ambient and experimental music producer and sound designer based in East London, making the transition into music and sound for the moving image. Under his own name, and his cyberpunk inspired project – Remember, Jude has been producing music of a dreamy and atmospheric nature since late 2013. He has released many full length albums under these names, as well as many other aliases.

Jude has been a contributor and co-host to the monthly Dream Catalogue show on NTS Radio for over two years, DJ’ed at the Gottwood Festival in north-west Wales for both 2016 and 2017, and also DJ’ed at the Tate Modern art gallery with Dream Catalogue as a part of the NTS/Uniqlo collaboration. Over the many years Jude has been a member and recorded with many bands, most recently with Heroine, a three piece shoegaze/noise rock outfit for who he co-produced their self-titled EP, played guitar and drums.

Jude is very proficient in Ableton Live, Logic Pro X and Pro Tools, and with Ableton specifically, has a well-rounded understanding of Max For Live, creating a large variety of audio effects for the platform.